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Healthy NoVA Franchise Takes The Lead & Creates Jobs Providing Support for the Aging Population

Michael San Juan the Executive Director of Always Best Care of Arlington which provides multiple options for seniors including an assisted living finder/referral services, in-home care and remote safety monitoring/remote home automation. Michael spoke about the following:

• What the franchise do?
• What a typical day is like for him
• How the company has leveraged technology to be more efficient and effective
• Why it’s important to be informed in business and for your health
• How he’s improved his health and the impact that he has had on his life
• Preparing for your retirement as a business owner and for any bad things that

Contact Information:
• Website: http://www.alwaysbestcare.com/va/arlington/
• Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Always-Best-Care-of-Arlington-VA-1741566529427266
• E-mail: arlington@abc-seniors.com

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